Engineering Project

Architect of the Capitol United States Senate Building Design/Build Perimeter Security- Vehicle Barriers Washington, DC

DRM provided sole project management services for the project. Duties included construction of steel reinforced concrete bollard footings, installation of Government furnished fixed and removable decorative steel bollards, removal and replacement of stone curbing, concrete sidewalks, asphalt roadways, brick gutters, Police shelters, vehicle barriers, and control vaults.

The project also included installation of duct bank and manholes within the bollard line and affix them on top of a specially designed Type II Bollards, associated new conduit and handholds for both power and security and other related security work.
The project also included certain items of equipment, including cast steel bollards to be painted. The work included removal of existing vehicular barriers and associated infrastructure and the installation of new vehicular barriers and associated infrastructure. Responsible to adhere to the AOC AlE Design Manual.