Connecticut Department of Transportation
Danbury Pole Signalization Project
Danbury, CT


This $6.6 million Danbury Line signalization project extended from Norwalk to Danbury, CT, a distance of 24 miles. The line is essentially a single-track railroad with passing sidings to facilitate train meets.
The original Danbury Signalization Project had the signal and communication cables, except for a small portion, buried utilizing an on track plowing installation. It was decided that aerial installation of the cables would be more economical. Our firm designed the conversion from buried to aerial support. The new aerial poles were wood pole equivalent tapered steel poles that are direct buried into the ground, or grouted into a rock socket in areas of high rock. The location, size and embedment of the poles took into account the future plans for electrification of this branch.
A site walkout was held with Connecticut Department of Transportation staff to identify obstructions, foreign wire crossings, location of high rock, embankments, and overhead bridges that were included in the design.
As part of this project, discussions were held with several pole vendors to get their technical concerns, manufacturing techniques, and material costs for each type of pole to produce an economical design that meets all of the project requirements.

Services Provided:

  • Pole Line Design
  • Coordination with Signal System
  • Signal Power Design
  • Interface with Fiber Optic Cables.

Special Features:

  • Tunnel Bracket Supports
  • Foreign Wire Crossings
  • Transition from one side of track to another
  • Cater for Future Electrification.

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