Emergency Disaster Relief

Disaster Emergency Relief Management

Natural and man-made disasters can occur anywhere and at any time. Whether it’s an earthquake or a hurricane flooding anywhere in the United States, as a preferred contractor of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, DRM responds not only as a company with expert resources that can help, but also as neighbors who care about our communities. We’re active partners with our clients and local businesses to help everyone prepare for and recover from a disaster.

Highlighted Successes:

  • 5m individual disaster survivors assisted
  • 6 major disasters responded to, including: Hurricanes Katrina, Sandy, Maria, Irma, and Harvey;
  • 14 years of disaster response for US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
  • US $10b+ in infrastructure recovery support


We work with government agencies and communities to make preparations and develop plans of action to successfully manage and execute response activities.

  • Continuity of government planning
  • Continuity of operations planning
  • Critical infrastructure hardening
  • Evacuation plans
  • Exercises
  • Master planning
  • Mission contingency planning
  • Prepositioned stock management
  • Recovery plans
  • Risk assessment, management, and mitigation
  • Training
  • Warning system planning and installation


We quickly mobilize resources to respond during and immediately following an event. We help put emergency plans and training into action in order to save lives and prevent further property damage from hazardous conditions.

  • Emergency protective measures
  • Equipment and asset relocation and secure-in-place
  • Evacuation and shelter operations
  • Humanitarian and feeding missions
  • Mass care, including medical and psychological care
  • Rapid repair solutions
  • Risk assessment
  • Risk communication
  • Search and rescue
  • Staff, equipment, and supply mobilization
  • Temporary housing


We repair and restore impacted areas by helping to expedite a return to normal daily life for impacted communities. We’re often on the ground performing these missions within 24 hours of an event.

  • Damage assessments
  • Debris management
  • Design and reconstruction
  • Equipment repair and replacement
  • Grant management and assistance
  • Infrastructure recovery
  • Insurance evaluations
  • Interim housing and infrastructure
  • Mission objective and scheduling adjustment
  • Short- and long-term recovery planning / economic modeling


We focus on building stronger communities to mitigate the impact of future disasters. We help our clients evaluate lessons and apply mitigation strategies.

  • Coastal protection
  • Economic development
  • Environmental restoration
  • Hazard identification and risk assessment
  • Hazard mitigation
  • Improving construction and building codes
  • Infrastructure / equipment hardening
  • Master planning
  • Supporting improved mission planning
  • Transportation system protection